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Make Happy Make Happy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. I would make the achievement tiles change color once unlocked instead of just an outline. It is a bit of a grind to max out everything, I think a little more balancing is required. I topped 10k well before my health bar was maxed. The mouse control was a bit loose in my opinion, but not enough to consider it anything more than another gameplay variable. The look of the game is sleek without looking like a template. Good work.

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JackAstral responds:

Thanks for your suggestions - I'll look into them for the next patch :-)

Waterwords Waterwords

Rated 4 / 5 stars

More info, please...

I really enjoyed this game. The ambient music was nice and the gameplay was surprisingly addictive. I do have a few suggestions that might've made the game more epic. While I don't think a 'story' was necessary, I would've liked to have seen an instructions/scoring tab that would break down how scoring is totaled, including info on combos and bonus words. The words were a bit tough to read when there were several covering a small amount of space, I realize that this is a gameplay element but it seems a bit much while also working against a timer. I think it also would've been helpful to have a visual display of what you're typing beyond highlighting the letters in the corresponding words. I wouldn't mind seeing a small selection of various tempo bg music, either. Sometimes you're in a mood to listen to death metal while you frantically pound your keyboard trying to achieve medals. You could have music settings like 'chill', 'pants on fire', 'rave', etc. Solid game!

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Tinnus responds:

That's some AMAZING feedback! Thanks a lot and look forward to Waterwords 2 :)

Drugged Driver Drugged Driver

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Racing the way it ought to be...

I really enjoyed the content of this game. Having only driven under the influence of 4 of these substances, it was nice to live vicariously and mark the other two off of my list. As for the game itself, I had a number of small issues that I think would improve the game. Your instructions should include how to use the horn (especially since there's a medal for it). I didn't notice any real differences in the cars other than appearance. While I had no problems obtaining medals, I wasn't credited for getting the 666 medal (which was my final score). I did enjoy the game and look forward to future games from you.

UPTX responds:

Yes, I may have skipped a detail or two, and you are indeed correct - the cars aren't different in any way other than appearance.

Don't Get Your Ass Chewed Don't Get Your Ass Chewed

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good prototype

I liked the gameplay; I thought the turn-based aspect fit the game dynamics really well. We've all seen hundreds of zombie shooters where it's just a hassle to try and change weapons to meet the particular demands of the level, this was obviously different. The sfx were good, thought I didn't like the choice of music for this type of game. I thought the amount of movement varying per weapon was a little unusual, especially since it didn't seem to correlate with weapon weight (heavy weapons = less movement), but I thought that concept worked well with the strategy aspect of the game.

I'm not going to complain about the graphics re: characters and enemies, and I realize this is a stepping stone to a larger project, but you could've made the terrain a bit less bland. Also, using a pic from Zombieland for the title screen is probably setting the expectations for the graphics a bit high and resulting in so much negative feedback. I would also recommend making the level names a bit more descriptive since you've stated that each level has its' own unique challenges. Adding some sort of general radar map in the viewable screen, even if it's hazy or doesn't show every approaching zombie would probably be a plus since your first X number of shots are just guesswork. This is a good jumping off point for a shooter, and I look forward to the finished product.

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Kwing responds:

Good review!

Music selection - I actually thought that I picked a good song for this. When I heard it on the Audio Portal I was taken in by its relaxed style mixed with some stone-cold techno. I felt this did a good job of setting a mood of thinking and prioritizing weaker zombies as well as blasting their heads off. Granted, the music does get a bit annoying; I remember when I tested this I thought it reminded me of one of those old 2006 Flash games. The limited music selection definitely makes it feel dated.

Weapon weight - I thought I made this quite realistic. A sniper rifle with enough power to penetrate several zombies is heavy and requires a lot of equipment for a proper shot, and an M60 is so heavy it's usually a mounted gun. Uzis tend to be very small, being submachine guns, and therefore would be light. Not sure what you're getting at with this.

Level names - I also feel like I did a decent job here, too. For instance, Lilliputia is an island in Gulliver's Travels known for having tiny people, and Ninja obviously implies the enemies are going to come at you quickly. I understand a couple of the names, like "Imps" could be a bit cryptic, but they didn't seem too bad to me.

As for a radar, this could be a decent idea. The implementation of simple zombies was done as a way to test out the engine itself, but when I realized how darned fun it was, I decided to make a small game out of it. Since I didn't put that much forethought into the whole concept of endless waves, I didn't bother with a radar, but that's not a bad idea.

i saw her standing there i saw her standing there

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

Music was great, graphics were decent. I'm actually glad the graphics were pretty minimalist otherwise I would've been compelled to focus on killing zombies rather than pay attention to the goal and story. My first playthrough I thought the green zombies would trigger the trap so I beat each level with the girl hitting the trap first. The secrets really extended gameplay as did the medals. Besides 'great work', I have two words for you. LEVEL EDITOR.

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krangGAMES responds:


CXT Mazes CXT Mazes

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Crudely drawn, 'follow the path' game

I like your enthusiasm, and I realize you're still a rookie (I played Excruciating Quiz, too). I also like that you've included medals, and heeded the advice from your first game about adding checkpoints. Your willingness to adapt and listen to constructive criticism are good traits for a game creator. But...

...this game needs a lot of work. First off, I thought it was a bit misleading that you call the game a maze when there's only one path to choose in each of the nine levels. It shouldn't require much more work to make each level a true maze with various dead ends, etc. This makes the game more entertaining or at least require some thought from the player. Also, while the crude, hand drawn graphics are forgivable in a quiz game, it won't work so well with this type of game (text included). Thirdly, I think incorporating background music should be your next programming challenge. People are more likely to play a mediocre game if the music is good. Lastly, try to include a little animation to the game. Having some sort of quirky 'you failed' (flashing lights, different messages, etc) screen would've really added a lot to your game.

I think your skill level and creativity would translate better to point-and-click games, but kudos for trying something different this time. I look forward to your future submissions to see how you progress as a programmer. Keep trying to get better and you will.

Beloved Beloved

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun, thought-provoking game.

I found this game to be one of the best 10 minute gaming experiences I've ever had. I thought the graphics and fonts were appropriate for this type of game, the colors you chose were aesthetically pleasing. The music/sfx were pretty upbeat and I thought they worked well to create a sense of optimism, though I probably would recommend making the music a little less optimistic as the game progresses just to fit with the 'obstacles' theme.

I liked the gameplay dynamic of having to pin one (or more) lover in order to reach the shared goal. I'm sure you could base another game on this dynamic alone and make a pretty entertaining game (though it wouldn't be as compelling). I also enjoyed the versatility of the inputs, maybe I'm overthinking it but it seemed like you were saying "Not trying to change who you are, pick the input that feels right for you." which works well with the moral of the game.

Other than the small criticism about the music, I can't find many negatives to the game. The only reason I didn't rate 5/5 is because I typically reserve a score like that to games that are not only awesome (which this is) but also offer a completely new take on gaming or required an immense amount of programming savvy. Consider yourself 'favorited'.

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krangGAMES responds:

This is - you are - a perfect example of how much I love and am consistently surprised by the Newgrounds community. Heh, I like the commentary on the "pick whichever input is best for you". I just wanted to make the game as accessible as possible, I guess it worked :)

Dangerous Sweets Dangerous Sweets

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Formulaic physics avoid game

I like this type of game, despite the fact that they are often very similar. I enjoyed this game as well, though there was nothing about it that helped distinguish it from any other game in this genre. The graphics were snazzy, the music sounded like it came from a Danny Elfman score (which is a plus), although the 'popping' sfx was a bit weird since I've never heard an animal pop from being impaled. The difficulty did rise as the game progressed, but not substantially. I'm not a great gamer but I completed the game in about 20 minutes. I had no problem with the gravity/movement of the character because it was consistent throughout the game, though I can see other reviewers have found the character to be a bit too 'heavy'.

The only real areas I would improve upon would be to make it 'stand out' from the crowd of similar games, and make it more difficult. Good game overall.

Half A Minute Ball Half A Minute Ball

Rated 3 / 5 stars

No frills avoid game

The graphic were good, and I like the choice of font. While I don't feel it's necessary to add snazzy graphics, a little more variety of color might make it more visually appealing. I did appreciate the contrast in color between the ball you control and the balls to avoid, too. The collision detection was good and as you stated in the description, the novelty of the player controlling the difficulty/score is what separates this from other simple avoid games.

I thought the music was a poor choice. More specifically, I think something more fast paced would be a better match for an avoid game. If you choose to keep classical music, then polish it a little. The loop was a little uneven and it was a bit distracting. The hiscores didn't work for me, it assigned me a score with letters instead of numbers.

This is a great concept for a game, and your execution was good. This seems like a concept you could expand upon to make it a more complete, engaging game. Offering a 'how long can you last' feature might be the next step. Solid effort.

Claustrophobia Claustrophobia

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This is a pretty basic game. You picked some good music, it matches the type of game really well. I have to agree that the title of the game 'claustrophobia' doesn't match the game at all. I would've expected to navigate through some narrow corridors (maze-style), where you have to constantly switch corridors to avoid objects. Better yet, make the size of the viewable screen shrink proportionally to how fast you're accumulating points. This would negate the need for different levels, which some reviewers have recommended. The game freeze bug is extremely annoying, but I assume at some point you'll figure out the issue and correct it. I would recommend beta testing before you upload, especially with a medals game, otherwise people get pissed and rate it lower than the game deserves.

I rated 2.5 stars mostly because the replay value is non-existent. There's not enough going on to hold your interest for longer than it takes to get the medals. It's not a bad game, it's just not terribly good.