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Wesley Willis is awesome

Love the music, Wesley Willis, right?

DrWaffleClam responds:


Terrible sfx ruined it for me

The premise is decent, I can live with the low-quality graphics but the sfx/voice acting were grating and obnoxious. Hopefully the author can build upon the criticisms I'm sure others will offer to make future installments better.

Very crude,

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and biology and I still don't understand what the author was trying to achieve with this. I gave it a 2 because I liked the mushroom cloud, though it's relevance was questionable at best.

bunnyfaceperson123 responds:

look at the comment 2 above

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I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. I would make the achievement tiles change color once unlocked instead of just an outline. It is a bit of a grind to max out everything, I think a little more balancing is required. I topped 10k well before my health bar was maxed. The mouse control was a bit loose in my opinion, but not enough to consider it anything more than another gameplay variable. The look of the game is sleek without looking like a template. Good work.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks for your suggestions - I'll look into them for the next patch :-)

More info, please...

I really enjoyed this game. The ambient music was nice and the gameplay was surprisingly addictive. I do have a few suggestions that might've made the game more epic. While I don't think a 'story' was necessary, I would've liked to have seen an instructions/scoring tab that would break down how scoring is totaled, including info on combos and bonus words. The words were a bit tough to read when there were several covering a small amount of space, I realize that this is a gameplay element but it seems a bit much while also working against a timer. I think it also would've been helpful to have a visual display of what you're typing beyond highlighting the letters in the corresponding words. I wouldn't mind seeing a small selection of various tempo bg music, either. Sometimes you're in a mood to listen to death metal while you frantically pound your keyboard trying to achieve medals. You could have music settings like 'chill', 'pants on fire', 'rave', etc. Solid game!

Tinnus responds:

That's some AMAZING feedback! Thanks a lot and look forward to Waterwords 2 :)

Racing the way it ought to be...

I really enjoyed the content of this game. Having only driven under the influence of 4 of these substances, it was nice to live vicariously and mark the other two off of my list. As for the game itself, I had a number of small issues that I think would improve the game. Your instructions should include how to use the horn (especially since there's a medal for it). I didn't notice any real differences in the cars other than appearance. While I had no problems obtaining medals, I wasn't credited for getting the 666 medal (which was my final score). I did enjoy the game and look forward to future games from you.

UPTX responds:

Yes, I may have skipped a detail or two, and you are indeed correct - the cars aren't different in any way other than appearance.

The dopest dope you've ever smoked!!

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