Entry #1

Thanks, Adobe!

2012-02-02 00:57:42 by wojessee

I work for my county's public library as the technology coordinator. Because we're so underfunded, my job actually includes all the accounting and most of the PR work, too. Sometimes having all these responsibilities is a pain in the ass but I will gripe a little less (at least for a few months), because I was able to do something for me that benefits the library instead of the other way around.

Because we're a non-profit organization (most libraries are), we are signed up with a company called TechSoup. They basically receive software, computer/network hardware, refurbished computers, etc. as donations from companies looking for a tax break or the chance to show how they're philanthropic companies, etc. I was able to get the full professional InDesign CS5.5 package for $150, not the student version.

I'm really looking forward to learning flash. I've already discovered some great resources here on NG that I'm sure will help me along the way. I'm excited to try and adapt my comic Ninjedi into both a flash comic and a game. It's a bromantic zomcom with sex, drugs, and even a little rock n roll. But mainly drugs. It's like Wild Zero with a little less tranny love.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to encourage ANYONE who might be affiliated with a non-profit organization to seek out these types of opportunities for cheaper software. It doesn't have to be TechSoup, I'm sure there are other companies that offer the same kind of service. And thanks to all the flash submitters, even the crappy ones. You've taught me alot about what works and what doesn't.


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